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Time Immemorial-WIP by Unhinged-Arrogance Time Immemorial-WIP by Unhinged-Arrogance
Happy Valentine's Day lovers! Currently a work in progress, but I plan on finishing the coloring today. It's my submission for the Be My Valentine for DA. But since I've been busy with school and projects and stuff so this kinda took the backburner on things Y,Y

Anyway! Tell me what you think of it so far and what you would rather see instead. The characters in this picture are Azarel and Rhea. Both redrawn in their current designs. :) It's been a long time since I drew a picture of Rhea and Azarel together and when it's fully realized in color I hope it's my best work.
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Gaaraterra Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
When I saw the note, I was: SHTBSDJNXH 8DDD I was in class so people where looking at me a bit weirdly but I don't give a shit :dummy:
Huge thank you :glomp: That made my day <3
This is an amazing drawing, really. Too bad it's not in colors ;D But it will come, right? :3
I can feel the passion and everything is so well-drawn~ You're really getting better, you know? :B
Anatomy is really great here~
God, I love this drawing <3
I feel bad for not drawing you anything...*kills herself*
Someday, I will manage to draw you something super amazing 8D

Anyway, I miss talking to you :'C
But bah, I'm busy myself, so I understand haha XD Plus, I catch a cool, so I bring a box a tissue with me everywhere I go and my nose is now all red :dummy: It hurts....but I'll survive XD
Anyway, I hope everything's fine on your side C: Take care :hug:
Unhinged-Arrogance Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2013  Student General Artist
Lmao! XD That's funny. O.O I hope you didn't get embarrassed or anything. I just wanted to send you one to show how much I care about ya ^_^.

Nonetheless, you're welcome! Also don't feel bad or anything because I know anything you create is magnificent! I do have some colored works on here I could use some judgement on from the master of color. ;) I feel I did good, but I know I can always improve! This picture was actually not so difficult to draw, but I feel it could be more clear if I enlarged and put them as the focal point in the picture. So it's going to be something I am gonna be working on. This afterall, is just a sketch and a work in progress. I plan on coloring it fully and making it a full-blown illustration. I am glad you like it though and it has a lot of emotion felt throughout it.

Thanks for acknowledging my improvement, because with this I felt like it was a good leap forward. I have trouble drawing romance (and writing it too) and this actually popped in my head randomly. My desire to finish it completely is only the beginning of my quest to be as awesome as you! ^_^ You're my color mentor! Haha XD

Well, we're both very busy with school so I understand how you are feeling and I miss you like crazy >.< Still, I'd like to catch up and keep in contact with you constantly because you're just so fun to talk to! :D I feel bad you're going through a rudolph the rednose reindeer phase right now (blasted winter cold!) but it'll pass and I am sure you look as lovely now as you always do. :3 In time it will be spring and we'll be free of the coldness and snow! Anyway though, it's good to see you are still fine though. For me, things are going smooth, but it's mostly arduous due to my projects every week. But I am surviving that and getting through. I'll be posting some work on my DA, since I do a lot of projects and have been drawing like a madman as of late. So stay posted please! I would much like to see your input and feedback on them! Well, I'm here for you if you ever wanna talk to me or need me. Send me a note or even a message on Skype if I am on there.. C: Take it easy! ^_^
Gaaraterra Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Long comments ftw :la:

Haha not at all, don't worry ;D Actually, I didn't even know we could give valentine to people on dA, so...XD Since I'm not that active, I miss a lot of stuff that's going on here XD I, sometimes, feel like a new member here haha :giggle:

Still, I really want to draw you something...I'll try to do a drawing for you during my winter break if I don't get too many homework. (I have my fingers crossed!) I saw your colored work, but I din't comment on it yet. BUT don't worry, I will as soon as I will have some free time...which will not happen for the next few days. I have huge homework to do, so no free time :'C
Haha of course! You can always improve ;D Nothing's perfect C:
I just can't wait to see it finished :la: I'm sure it's gonna be a true masterpiece! I'm gonna be jealous of your talent tehe ;D

You're welcome! Oh my, I do have problem with drawing romance always turns out weird when I try too haha XD Though, I don't have much problem writing romance for unknown reasons haha XD Pfft as awesome as me? Like hell you'll reach my awesome level >:3 You better work hard if you wanna reach my level mwuahaha XD I'm kidding heh? You'll be a color master in no time, no doubt about it C:
Anyway, I'll try my best to help you C: I'm very bad at explaining things though, so I hope you'll still understand haha XD

Yup, school is definitely killing us both haha XD Aww I really miss you too! :'C I just love talking to you <3
Haha it's fine XD It's getting better already...but the cold outside is not helping. It's very cold outside today XD Yup, spring will be here soon, so bah I still love winter x) I'm not really fond of summer, except for the vacations haha XD Even if my birthday is in summer and omg, I'm really not eager about my birthday...I will be turning 20's gonna hurt >.<

Well, it's nice to know that's you're doing ok even with all these projects ;D I can't wait to see some work you've done :la: I always love seeing your art C: I will try my best to give you some feedback. Maybe this weekend. I will have more time for it ;D
I know and thank you for being there for me :hug:
Don't worry, if you're on skype, I'll attack you mwuahaha >:3
InkStainedPens Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
You draw so beautifully:) I love your style and the way your lines flow and seem to melt into the picture's emotion but still manage to have gorgeous detail. Wonderfully done, I love your work:)
Unhinged-Arrogance Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2013  Student General Artist
Aww thanks Sami! ^_^ I am glad you like it, took quite a bit just to get the proportions correct and make it feel full and alive. This wasn't necessarily drawn for V-day though, it was drawn actually a month or 2 ago and I just managed to get around in posting it lol...
InkStainedPens Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
it is still beautiful:)
Unhinged-Arrogance Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2013  Student General Artist
Thanks! :) :hug:
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